Professor got cake tho

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A little late, but happy earth day! Have some rainy birds. 

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'Thank you, Cloud.'

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Embrace your dreams! And never, ever let go of your pride as a SOLDIER. Well, you never really managed to become a SOLDIER. But it’s a matter of heart, anyway!

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Activating Combat Mode

  ooft… i dont give a dam that he’s in a video game… dem abbs… =w=.. <3

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Genesis hoped to one day be able to eat Banora Whites with the hero Sephiroth, whom Genesis admired. While this dream of his did not come true, Zack Fair fulfilled it partially by eating a Banora White with Genesis, as Zack had been injected with Sephiroth’s cells. [x]

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“Whether your words … are lies created to deceive me … or the truth that I have sought all my life … It makes no difference. You. Will. Rot.”

-Sephiroth, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?

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everything personal♡

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